Magical Memories mantle

Throughout the final term of this academic year (2017-2018), St. John’s ran a school wide mantle. Each class had a slightly different focus on World War 1 and Year 5 created a responsible team called Magical Memories.

The team were responsible for turning people’s memories into digital memories; their first client was the Jones family.

One day, a man called Tom asked the class for some help – he needed to sell his house as soon as possible, so the class helped write a persuasive piece of writing which supported the sale of the house.  As the class were measuring the rooms, they discovered a locked room. It turned out to be a workshop, which had not been use in what looked like a long time.

We discovered that the house had belonged to Tom’s great grandfather, Alfred Jones. Alfred was a lighthouse operative who had a keen interest in flying. We found out that the workshop was Alfred’s and he had designed and was in the process of making wings.

We discovered that Alfred, during his design of the wings, joined the army to help fight in World War 1. Unfortunately, he never came back.

We met with several members of the Jones’ family and collected their memories, these are available on this webpage.