What do we do?

The House Captains meet formally with Mrs Caffrey once a month. Prior to that meeting, they will have arranged a meeting with their houses to take points for discussion with the Headteacher. The meetings always start with a cup of hot chocolate and a biscuit, before we get down to business!
One of the group always takes minutes(the notes of the meeting), which will be published here for everyone to read.
Another important job that the House Captains do is to encourage good school attendance, punctuality and behaviour. They are responsible for reading out the attendance rates in assembly on a Thursday and are usually grumpy if their house has fallen below the expected 96%. When this happens, children can usually expect an emergency meeting is called to ensure things pick up!
Green Dojos are announced in assembly and House Captains will do their best to encourage good behaviour so that their house is the lucky one who wins the end of term reward - e.g. a cinema trip!
Our House Captains have lots of responsibility in school so it is a good job the election process is so rigorous!