What does school expect?

There is a direct link between attendance and attainment. In particular, attendance rates that fall below 90% (19 missed days) over the school year gives serious cause for concern. We are striving to improve attendance across the school with added focus being given to children whose attendance falls below 90%.


                      Attendance%                                  Days Missed

                           100%                                                     0

                            95%                                                     10 

                            90%                                                     19     

                            85%                                                     29


Quite simply, every day you child is absent impacts on their education and opportunities to enhance their future.

As a parent/carer, you have a legal responsibility to ensure that your child attends school regularly.

If your child misses school, they may also:

Feel left out/isolated

Struggle to maintain friendships

Fall behind with their work

Miss educational visits


We expect that children will be in school unless they are too ill to leave the house or have an infectious illness that would be easily spread to others. School can advise on when your child can return to school, or you can check online at Public Heath England by following the link below.

The Healthier Together Website is a good place to find accurate and trusted NHS healthcare advice in the North East and North Cumbria.

No holidays in term time will be authorised and may result in a fixed penalty notice (fine). The Local Authority has recently changed the threshold for issuing a fixed penalty notice. This includes taking into account any unauthorised holiday taken in the previous three months even if school or public holidays fall within that time. 

Term dates can be found in this section of the website or in the Parents section.

Birthdays, haircuts, needing new shoes etc can all be done after school or at the weekend. Dentist and doctors appointments should ideally be made for after school, but if this is not possible, please bring your child to school, collect them for the appointment and then bring them back afterwards. We will ask to see the appointment card also.

If we work together, we can help your child to feel happy, secure and be a successful learner.