How we monitor attendance and punctuality

Response to absence


If any child is absent from school and the school has not been notified about the child’s absence, school will attempt to contact the parent/ carer on the first morning.


If the parent notifies the school of a child’s reason for absence, but the child continues to be absent for more than three days, then an update check will be made by the school in the form of a phone call.


If the child continues to be absent the Attendance Officer or Parent Support Advisor will either carry out a home visit or consider a referral to the Attendance Service or the School Nurse.


Whenever the school is unable to contact a parent or carer of most vulnerable children – perhaps because of inaccurate/ outdated contact details - the Attendance Officer or the Parent Support Advisor would be asked to carry out a home visit.


If a reason is not given for an absence the Attendance Officer will contact parents for an



Any absence considered not to be a justified reason will remain unauthorised. A series of unauthorised absences will trigger a meeting with the Headteacher, Parent Support Advisor or the Attendance Officer.


Where children have persistent attendance problems the Headteacher will invite parents/carers into school to a formal meeting. We follow Local Authority guidelines on monitoring attendance. If absence rates are persistently low and school has concerns that the child’s needs are not being met, a referral to Social Services will be made.




School starts at 8.55am. School doors are closed at 9.00 am.

Lateness is classed as any child coming into school between 9.00 am and 9:30am

All children arriving after 9.00 am will have minutes late recorded on the class electronic register.

Arriving after 9:30 is late after registration and is therefore classed as an unauthorised absence.

Lateness is monitored regularly. Where children have persistent lateness problems, the Headteacher, Attendance Officer or Parent Support Advisor will invite the parents into school to a formal meeting.