Reading Ambassadors

A new and exciting role has been created for 10 lucky upper Key Stage 2 children!
Years 5 and 6 were invited to apply to become a St. John's Reading Ambassador. The children attended a meeting where they were told about what the role would include; the children were given time to write a letter to Mrs. Caffrey and Mr. Rundle to explain why they would be a good person to employ as a Reading Ambassador. Within their letter, the children shared their vision of the role and even provided examples of what the Reading Ambassadors could do to support reading at St. John's.
Their responsibilities include:
  • Creating reading competitions for the whole school
  • Organising the school library
  • Updating the library with up-to-date texts
  • Listening to younger children read
  • Reading to younger children
We were inundated with responses and the quality of letters from the children was brilliant. Unfortunately, not everyone could be chosen for the role and it was a hard job working out who deserved it. 
The 10 children chosen were Ruth, Daniel, Blake, Keira, Mustafa, Kevin, Arithraa, Arriz, Isabella and Shaheer. 
The Reading Ambassadors visited Seven Stories on Tuesday 5th December. They really enjoyed visiting Ouseburn and having a look at the fantastic exhibits on offer. 

The trip culminated in a visit to the bookshop to buy a few books to add to our school library. 
The Reading Ambassadors had a tidy up of the library and decided that any duplicate copies of books could be given to pupils to read at home. 

On Friday 8th December, the Reading Ambassadors displayed the books in the library and where overwhelmed by enthusiastic readers from across the school.