Seeds for Change

9th May 2013
Year 3 have been on regular visits to Elswick Park taking part in the ‘SEEDS FOR LIFE’ programme. They have found this really enjoyable. Each visit is divided into three sections, each of these encourages health and well being in the children. They take part in a fitness session which is run by Hat Trick, learning new skills while keeping fit. The children also have their own section of garden where they grow a wide range of fruit and vegetables, some of these such as peas and beans have been grown from seed. This year’s crop includes potatoes and strawberries. Then the children go inside for a healthy cooking session using the produce they have grown. They are always reminded about eating" five-a-day". They especially love this as they get to eat what they have made. So far they have enjoyed making and eating yoghurt fruit crunch, pasta bake, healthy pizza and potato wedges with dip.