Family Football Celebration St James' Park

16th July 2015

On Thursday 16th July 2015 I had the pleasure of going to St James' Park with a group of parents, grandparents and children who had completed a Family Football course.

During the course the parents, grandparents and children took part in physical exercise sessions. The parents also completed a portfolio and gained a level 1 qualification in Personal and Social Development.

It was a brilliant evening and I am very proud to say that we won the School of the Year Award. Rob Elliott (Newcastle United goalkeeper) presented us with a huge trophy which is now sitting on top of our trophy cabinet in the school entrance.

A huge well done to Matthew Hepburn, Darren Metcalf, Shannon Landreth, Good-Luck Eniolorunda, Jordan Shackleton and all of their parents and grandparents who came along every week.

Please check out the gallery for photographs.