Attendance Autumn Term Week 11

24th November 2023

Attendance - 20/11/23 - 24/11/23

Check out these attendance results for last week - what a cracking week!!!

Red House 98.7%
Green House 99.1%
Blue house 98.9%
Yellow House 97.6%

Huge well done to Green House who had the highest attendance. They were awarded 50 extra points this week.

A big well done to Year 5 who had the highest attendance with 99.3% EXCELLENT!!!

They have been presented with the attendance trophy this week, and they threw the dice for the monopoly board and won free time on the Ipads. Their class teacher will decide when this will all happen.

Whole school attendance last week was 98.4%.

Whole school attendance so far this year is 96%

Well done everyone!! - I am very happy!!!

Mrs Harrison