Attendance Autumn Term Week 7

20th October 2023


Attendance - 16/10/23 - 20/10/23

Attendance results for last week were:

Red House 98.7%
Green House 97%
Blue house 95.1%
Yellow House 94.2%

Huge well done to Red House who had the highest attendance. They were awarded 50 extra points this week.

A big well done to Year 3 who had the highest attendance again with 97.9%

They have been presented with the attendance trophy this week, they also threw the dice for the monopoly board and won a treat of popcorn and a short movie. Their class teacher will decide when this will all happen.

Whole school attendance last week was 95.9%.

Whole school attendance so far this year is 96%

Lets continue and further improve these fab results this week.

Mrs Harrison