Attendance Spring Term Week 9

28th June 2024

Attendance - 24/6/24 - 28/6/24

Attendance results for the last week -

Red House 94.6%
Green House 97.8%
Blue house 95.4%
Yellow House 97.4%

Well done to Green House who had the highest attendance. They were awarded 50 extra points this week.

Well done to Year 2 who had the highest class attendance with 99.2% with only one child absent for one day... Fabulous!!!

They have been awarded the attendance trophy in assembly this week, they threw the dice for the monopoly board and won themselves a cosy seat on the big Year 6 benches for the next assembly.

Whole school attendance last week was 96.5%

Whole school attendance so far this year is 94.9%

With that gorgeous few days of sunshine came hayfever and sunstroke - hopefully we are over that now!! Lets have a brilliant week and tip over into 95% for the year.

Please remember to use the absence line to report your child's absence. 01912735293 option 1. Or message me on 07815968699.

Mrs Harrison