Year 6

At St. John's Primary School, we are proud to be members of our school community and we want all our children to feel part of our community and to represent our school. Wearing the school uniform helps us to do this. Children are expected to wear uniform:

•Top: royal blue sweatshirt or cardigan (with logo or plain)
•Shirt: white short / long sleeved collared shirt (not polo top)
•Trousers / skirt: grey or black
•Shoes: black shoes or black / white trainers (no heels, strappy sandals or flip flops)
•PE: children should wear white t-shirt, black / blue shorts / tracksuit bottoms and trainers. In cold weather, a sweatshirt or hoody may be worn

Jewellery in school can raise many problems and so only the following items are allowed: watches, studs for pierced ears and items which are required by a religion.

To reduce lost property, please clearly mark all clothing, bags, bottles etc with your child’s name. There is a lost property box. We do not accept responsibility for any loss or damage to an individual’s property.